Why Tank’s?

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  • Offer many locally produced garden and landscape materials
  • We create custom soil mixes by collaborating with customers
  • We find ways to minimize the amount of material that makes its way into the landfills by creating value-added products
  • Recycle your green landscape trimmings and debris by bringing it to Tank’s
  • To see organic compost lab test results that meet the Seal of Testing Assurance Program Standards by the US Composting Council, CLICK HERE. Tank’s is tested on a monthly basis.
  • To see additional lab results testing for herbicides/pesticide residues, CLICK HERE. This is elective, proactive testing performed by Tank’s to demonstrate the complete and total decomposition of any potential contaminant from green landscape debris feedstock.  (Please ask a Tank’s representative if you have questions about this process.)
  • To review an independent analysis of Tank’s Organic Compost by a Certified Crop Advisor, click here.
  • To see lab test results for native, screened soil from Tank’s, CLICK HERE.
  • To learn from the US Composting Council about the benefits of and how to use compost, CLICK HERE.

What folks are saying

  • “As the owner of Landscape Cacti, a business I began in 1974, and as a plant physiologist retired from the University of Arizona, I monitor carefully how well plants grow in my planting mix. After more than two decades of making only minor adjustments to the mix, I added Tank’s Green Stuff compost. Plants growing in this new formulation grew faster and exhibited a continuity of growth rate that I had not observed in my previous formulation. Confident in the compost, I subsequently increased the percentage of Tank’s Green Stuff in future batches of mix. Incorporating this compost has allowed me to reduce the frequency of applying inorganic fertilizer, a savings of time and labor. Accelerated plant growth rates have not compromised the production of fully acclimated, climate conditioned, outside grown plants for which my nursery is known. ” .

    Jon Weeks, Ph.D., Owner, Landscape Cacti, Tucson AZ

    “The compost the Fairfax Companies delivered was perfectly aged, dark, rich and ready to use. We used it to build a greens bed at the Garden Kitchen and the seedlings came up strong and sound. The delivery and payment by phone service we received was prompt, friendly and professional. We will call Fairfax from now on for our compost needs both at our site and in future home gardening programs we are to conduct with families in South Tucson. I really appreciate the convenience and quality I receive when working with Fairfax- Thank you!”

    Cheralyn Schmidt, Program Coordinator, The Garden Kitchen, Pima County Cooperative Extension

  • 3“As a local store, EcoGro prefers to stock local products. Tank’s Green Stuff is the best compost we have found and it is local. Great compost for any applications and always consistent. Thank you, Tank’s Green Stuff!”

    Brendan Woltman, Owner of EcoGro

    “OMG this is bloody amazing. It will transform even a shriveled stick into a glorious rose lickety split! You should see the forest that grew in my garden in just two years. I’m going to need another 15 yards soon at the other end where I just ripped up a ton of concrete.”

    Jane Poynter, Author, Biospherian, Speaker, Television, Radio

  • “I have bought compost for 30 years and this is probably the best stuff I’ve ever used.”

    David F. Herman, CGCS, The Randolf Golf Complex

    “The Community Gardens of Tucson used Tank’s Compost in all of the gardens we opened in the past several years, about 24 gardens in total. To simplify the process, we replaced the native soil with 100% compost (no mixing). We purchased the compost in bulk, about 60 tons at a time. The rich compost got all of the new CGT gardens off to a great start.

    Gene Zonge, former Executive Director, Community Gardens of Tucson

  • “Great compost! My plants have grown bigger and faster with Tanks Green Stuff. This locally-sourced and locally-made compost is an excellent option for the eco-conscious gardener. Tanks Green Stuff has quickly become my go-to compost.”

    -Stéphane Herbert-Fort, Owner, Local Roots Aquaponics (www.localrootsaquaponics.com)

    “Tanks green stuff is an amazing product! Their compost is made and managed with the best science and equipment available. From beneficial bacterial cultures to organic manure their Green Stuff has it all! They test every batch for pathogens and other chemicals to insure every batch is safe for you and your garden. Jason and Emily were amazing and so passionate about their beautiful compost, it is great to have them in our Tucson community! Join me in supporting them as we make Tucson a greener place to live!”

    Brandon C. Iker, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona, S.W.E.S. Department

  • “I purchased a bag of Tank’s Organic Compost, brought it home, carried it to the patio, and all of my plant’s leaves leaned toward the opened bag! When I spread some as a topdressing on the pots, there was an audible sigh and wiggling of the plants upon watering it in! Awesome! Keep up the good work, really great stuff.”

    Jonathan Watt, Tucson gardener

    “The compost made and sold by the Fairfax Companies is a beautifully mixed, rich and a ready to go product. We have been using it to top dress the turf on our sports fields with excellent results. The benefits can be noticed within the first week or two after an application. The results have been nothing short of impressive, we will use Fairfax Companies for all our future turf regeneration needs. Delivery and payment of the product was convenient and easy. Thank you Fairfax Companies for your great service and magnificent organic product.”

    Brian De Breceny, Parks and Facilities Manager, Sahuarita Parks and Recreation