PROCOCO – Premium Coconut Husk Products CocoChips or CocoPeat Compressed Blocks

Blocks expand to ~2.25-2.5 cu-feet of coconut coir/husk
4.5 kg (~10lbs.)  Approximately 440 lbs per cu-yard

Coconut coir (pronounced ‘koy-er’) is a sustainable alternative to peat moss, and has several advantages over peat moss. It holds water without compressing and absorbs water evenly, providing excellent root zone aeration, and saves on water. Coconut husk products also have a more neutral-to-acidic pH (5.5-6.2), and can remain effective for up to 4-5 years. Coconut husk is an excellent way to increase the aeration and water-absorbing power of potting soil and clay or heavy soils, without peat moss.

Our OMRI-listed coco husk products are widely used for hydroponics, organic soil mixes, landscaping and container planting. Coco coir and coco chips can be mixed in different ratios (and amended with pumice, vermiculite, fertilizers, etc.) to provide the perfect planting medium for your plants.

Coconut husk products are also ideal for landscaping projects. The coir can be used as top soil or can be mixed with sand (60% coco coir, 30% sand, 10% compost) to use as a direct medium on open land, to grow grass, flowers, bushes, etc. Due to the water holding capacity of the coco husk, you can reduce irrigation drastically and grow healthier landscapes.

Place 1-2 coco blocks in a large watertight bin or tub, or a wheelbarrow. Add water to allow the blocks to sit in the water. Generally ~4 gallons per block. Plan on each block expanding to 2.25-2.5 cubic feet each. Wait ~15 minutes for water to absorb, then you can break up the blocks and fluff the coco. It is ready to be added into the soil. We recommend 15-20% coco : garden soil, especially in the top 8-12”

Here is a link to a short clip on expanding Prococo.

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2.5 cu ft blocks and bulk