Pro Planting Mix has the perfect balance of Tank’s Organic Compost* mixed with Decomposed Pine, Prococo Coconut Coir Chips*, Perlite*, and Screened Native Soil. The organic compost provides the nutrients for healthy plant growth, while Sand and Decomposed Pine provide drainage and balance. The Prococo Coconut Coir Chips provides water retention and CEC (cation exchange capacity), while Perlite provides additional aeration for healthy roots.

It is an excellent soil for raised beds or in-ground garden beds, but it is recommended to use an organic fertilizer to feed your plants as necessary. Tank’s Organic SuperMix Fertilizer is an excellent all-purpose fertilizer to build healthy soil and feed plants.
Pro Planting Mix Super Special get an exclusive discount on Tank’s Organic SuperMix Fertilizer ideal for use with vegetables, fruits, flowers, and trees.

To further enhance the soil, you may add more Prococo Coconut Coir for increased aeration and water retention.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the soil is fully hydrated as you fill beds/containers. The Arizona weather evaporates moisture quickly. CLICK HERE to watch a short clip of properly hydrated soil.

Approximately 1500 lbs. per cu-yard

*Certified Organic


$58 - cu. yard