De La Tank’s Soil Mix is Ideal for House Plants We designed this blend with Becca De La Plants (Youtube) to create the ideal ready to go blend for all your indoor house plants using the best Organic ingredients. Made with Tanks Green Stuff Organic Compost, Prococo Organic Coco Chip, Pumice, and Tank’s SuperMix Organic Fertilizer. This blend is pre-fertilized and ready to plant! 

Now available in three sizes, 1 qt, 8 qt, and 16 qt bags.

Find De La Tank’s at a local retailer near you or on Amazon.

1 qt bag of De La Tank’s on Amazon 

8 qt bag of De La Tank’s on Amazon

16 qt bag of De La Tank’s on Amazon 



Designed and tested with Becca de la Plants.

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Available in 1, 8 and 16 qt bags