Crushed concrete to 1″ and minus. Made to Pima County specifications for road base material. Perfect for driveways or rock ground cover.


bulk material – $3.50/ton at Speedway  $7.25 /ton at Ina       

Approximately 1.25 tons per cu-yard

AB Rolled Driveway
AB Concrete (recycled aggregate) is perfect for driveways and parking areas. Pictured above is AB Concrete after its been rolled out and compacted.

Testimonial from Advanced Earthworks Corp:
“I’ve been using Fairfax’s/Tank’s recycled concrete AB because it’s better than regular AB. I use it for road building base, building pads, and repairing drainage & erosion problems. This recycled AB has a higher percentage of fractured edges since the aggregate is crushed once when it’s made, and crushed again when it is recycled. Therefore, the recycled AB material interlocks better for stability, and the Portland cement residue gives it better binding qualities in my opinion.
Thanks, George B.”